Board / Consultants

    The Company

    Luce Innovative Technologies is a Spanish-owned business project born in Valladolid in late 2008 with the goal of applying the technology as a lever for creating business value for our customers, offering them a new dimension. Luce This combines the technological expertise of its highly qualified team with a clear focus on innovation and technology transfer of R & D + i, collaborations with R & D centers and universities nationwide.

    Also, in Luce bet on providing comprehensive solutions to our customers, so we have different framework partnerships with national and international companies in areas complementary to our business, so that our customers can be confident that it will not provide you only technology, but a real business solution.

    Board of Directors

    Javier Durán de Jesus, Luce General Manager, is an Associate Professor of the Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering in Valladolid, Telecommunications Engineer from the University of Valladolid, and Executive MBA from IE Business School; Governing Member of the Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Valladolid. He has supervised more than 25 R&D&I projects, participating in more than 13 international publications. He also served as CTO of the Technological Agricultural Institute of Castilla-León.

    Evelyn Weiss, Luce Deputy Director, is a Telecommunications Engineer from the University of Valladolid, Associate Professor of the Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering in Valladolid. She worked for 3 years as Project Manager for the University of Valladolid and The Regional Government of Castilla-León before developing Luce Business and Market department, being its maximum authority.

    Vanesa  Martín, Luce Director of Operations,  is a Telecommunications Engineer, worked in the company since its creation in the development of business solutions for Agrifood, Tourism, Mobility and Consumption areas, always applying innovative ideas. She currently manages operations, searching new ways of agile and cooperative management  based on motivation and leadership.

    Agustín Huerta Arroyo, Human Team and Administration Area Director, is a Telecommunications Engineer from the University of Valladolid. After a three-year period of research tasks at the University of Valladolid and its Foundations, becomes part of the Human Team Management from Luce Innovative Technologies , contributing with his experience to this area and helping with research work from several projects of the company to date.

    Advisory Board

    Luce’s work policy is based on the support of multidisciplinar teams, not only in purely technical areas, but also in the support of management tasks. The advisory board is composed of Luce's Management board and professionals with proven experience in several sectors:

    • Jaime Ortiz Alonso, Finance Business Partner  Consumer Markets in Heidrick & Struggles.
    • Óscar Márquez Sievers, Sanitas Regional Director .
    • Daniel Martín, Director of Operations at PuroEGO.
    • Javier Cabezas,   Strategy Project Manager at CECA,  professor of Center of Financial Studies (CEF), and Associate Professor at Carlos III University.

    Ultimas noticias

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