The Company

    Luce is a leading technological innovation company in knowledge transfer from universities to companies through multidisciplinar teams. Therefore, we use Agile work methodologies to achieve a strong compromise on job creation.

    The strategic Luce position is based on a strong commitment to merge innovation and quality in all solutions with agile systems and innovative ideas. The target is to offer products and services adapted to current situations and to the quick evolution of the market without forgoing an inch of liability in every solution given to the customer.

    Our work philosophy is based on innovation; we count on multidisciplinar teams that allow us to face every solution from an innovative point of view, including professionals with proven experience in the sector required by the client.
    In Luce we are certain of innovative proposals and a vast knowledge of companies and institutions allow us to bring quality solutions to solve problems, save costs and make our clients more competitive.

    In Luce we work with agile work methodologies, using Scrum as a reference model to control the development process executed in a project at all times, with periodical meetings with the customer to show the work being done. These methodologies allow us to have auto-organized teams to boost the co-localization of all team members and disciplines involved in the project; This way, the client always has a close vision of the work, making changes when necessary.

    Our commitment to innovation, quality and agility when facing any development positions the company as a sector leader, with actual solutions adapted at all times to the market needs.

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