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Networking and Communication

    Globalization has generated over time, a new model of communication in business. With the barrier removal has resulted in increased competition. The markets are completely open and becomes more necessary than ever to implement communication strategies to achieve competitive advantage and generate new profits.

    Our experience in the field of ICT applied to innovation allows us to provide essential reinforcement in all areas that affect the planning of the communication strategy of a company:


    • Design and development of plans and policies for corporate and institutional communication.
    • Monitoring quality of content in media (off and on-line) and identification of risk scenarios and opportunity.
    • crisis communication management: prevention-ahead, managing situations and mitigation of impacts.
    • Productions multi-format and multi-channel value.
    • Positioning and reputation on and offline
    • Development of imaging studies and product-branding.
    • Design and implementation of strategies for positioning and repositioning.
    • Media Relations.
    • Visibility on-line.
    • Corporate Identity
    • SEO. SEM Tools, SEO and SMO


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