Ficha de servicios


    It is a reality; the externalization of non-nuclear business areas in the company save operative costs and obtain the transformation of fixed costs in variable ones and an efficient dedication of its resources to activities of an extra added value.
    LUCE OUTSOURCING services help companies and institutions to reduce costs, toadapt quickly to the market needs and to concentrate on their main activity.

    Our OUTSOURCING services include:

    • IT development oursourcing: Service Level Agreement Contracts.
    • Outsourcing for applications improvement and management: SAP, ORACLE,..
    • Managed mining and 24X7: Allow to guarantee the availability of ICT infrastructures that support business processes: Operation, Administration, Security, Hosting and Housing.
    • System and application management. Full system maintenance service: preventive, corrective, perfective, evolutional, etc.


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